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Countries of the World
When seen from space, the Planet Earth looks like a beautiful blue marble.  Learn a little bit of geology, geography and history as you travel around the world with Imagiverse.  Pack your imaginary suitcase, and don't forget your imaginary camera, as you take off on an international adventure.

  • Get your Imagiverse Passport!  Pack your imaginary suitcases and take off on a trip around the world on Imagiverse, your ticket to adventure.
  • Visit many beautiful places.  Learn about the continents of the world from the people who live on them.
  • Tell others about your country.  Be an Imagiverse Tour Guide!

Letters from Around the World
Read about life in other cities and other countries.  Write a letter about your city or town.  Find out what life is like for other kids your age.

Stories & Poems from Around the World
Enjoy stories and poems from other parts of the world.  Some are new, some are retellings or translations of stories you may have heard before.  People of all ages may submit original stories written for children.

Religions Around the World
People around the world have a wide variety of beliefs.  Read about what religion means to others and share your thoughts about what your religion means in your life.

Hands Around the World
Students from 77 classrooms in 7 different countries participated in the 2007 international Hands Around the World exchange.  The students ranged in age from preschool through high school and included Special Education classrooms and a school for the deaf.  We had some homeschooled children join as well.

Postcard Exchange
Learn about geography and about life in other places by traveling there through Imagiverse.  Visit the Imagiverse postcard gallery where you can even exchange postcards with schools in other parts of the world.

  • Travel the USA: From which U.S. state can you travel to Norway, Paris, Denmark, Naples, Sweden, Poland, Mexico, Peru and China, without even leaving the state?!
  • Abraham Lincoln's Vacation Postcards: Imagine how fun it would be to travel through time and visit the world as it was 150 years ago.  Imagine if Abraham Lincoln was able to travel through time and visit out world today.  What would he think?  What would he do on HIS vacation?


Last Updated:
17 November 2014

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