New York

Postcard courtesy of Mrs. Buyce and Mrs. Rushinski's Classes at Stillwater Middle School

Hello from Stillwater, NY - a small town on the Hudson River, about three hours from NYC or Montreal and half an hour from the Adirondack Park. Our summers are warm and we get LOTS of snow most winters. For fun we like to camp, boat on the river, and shop in Albany, the state capital, which is the closest city. Our school mascot is a Native American Warrior because Stillwater was first settled by Mohawk & Mohican tribes. European settlers followed in the 1600‘s. The “turning point of the American Revolution“- the Battle of Saratoga, took place right here. Now the battlefield is a National Park where we go to learn, hike, bike and watch the wildlife. History is important to us. George Washington once even slept here in 1783. Thanks for all your wonderful postcards!

Best to you,
Mrs. Buyce, Mrs. Rushinski & Class

For history info:

Caption: Adirondack Mountains in Northern New York.
The Adirondack Park, the largest in the contiguous 48 states, is a patchwork of public and private lands, unique in this country. It contains a diversity of forests, mountains, lakes, streams, wetlands, and wildlife.


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