New York

Postcard courtesy of Mrs. Smith's Class.

Hi from Hicksville, Long Island. New York City is about 45 minutes away. We go to Holy Family School. It is a Catholic School. We have 2 baseball teams in New York: the Mets and the Yankees. 19 children in our class are Yankee fans and 3 are Mets fans. We also have 2 football teams: the Jets and the Giants. We hope you like this postcard.

Mrs. Smith's Class

Caption: Gregory Museum, Long Island Earth Science Center, Hicksville, Long Island, NY.
Educational classes and tours covering the following subjects which are on display: rocks and minerals, sea shells, Indian artifacts, mineral jewelry, butterflies, moths, wild birds, wild flowers, and Long Island historical artifacts. This watercolor is by Cyril A. Lewis, a well known Long Island artist.


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