Postcard courtesy of Carla Neely's first grade class

Hello! We are first graders. Our school has over 600 K-6 graders. We are from East Cleveland, Ohio. Our class just got a chinchilla named Bentley. We named him after the car. He is two months old. He is mixed with black, gray and white. Our state bird is the cardinal. Our state tree is the Buckeye Tree. Our state flower is the scarlet carnation. Our state capital is Columbus. Our state animal is the white tailed deer. In 1879 Cleveland became the first city lit with electricity. Neil Armstrong who was an astronaut and the inventor Thomas Edison are from our state. The poet Langston Hughes came from Dayton. Our state was named by the Iroquois. It means great water or beautiful. Our state song is Beautiful Ohio. Our nickname is the Buckeye State. Ohio is the 17th state. It became a state on March 1, 1803.


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