Postcard courtesy of Mr. Bush's and Mr. Tibayan's 3rd Grade Class

Hello from Huntington Elementary School. We are located in Painesville, Ohio, near Lake Erie in the northeast corner of the state. We deal with a lot of lake effect snow in the winter time until the lake freezes over then it is just plain cold (20 degrees F or colder). One of our favorite activities is sled riding. Ohio is famous for football with the Hall of Fame located in Canton, Ohio. We are learning about multiplication in math and reading fluency and comprehension in language arts! An interesting fact about Ohio is that 8 presidents were born or lived in our state.

[Of the 8 Presidents pictured, only William Henry Harrison was not born in Ohio. He was actually born in Charles City, Virginia. He later lived in Ohio and was elected to the Ohio State Senate. William Henry Harrison was probably most remembered for 3 things. He ran for President with John Tyler as his running mate with the memorable campaign slogan "Tippecanoe and Tyler too!" He gave the longest inaugural address on record on March 4th 1841. Later that month, he contracted pneumonia and died on April 4th after serving only one month in office.]

Caption: Nicknamed "The Mother of Presidents" for eight U.S. Presidents who called Ohio their home. Ohio was admitted to the Union in 1803 and became the 17th state. The state capital is Columbus.

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