South Carolina

Hi from South Carolina! Our school is located in Pamplico, SC. We are located 30 minutes from Florence, South Carolina, one hour from Myrtle Beach and about one hour and 40 minutes from Columbia, South Carolina. Charleston is located about two hours from us. Our capital is Columbia. Our school is a K-8 school. We have approximately 890 at our school. We are called the Raiders and our school colors are red, black and white. The weather is mild in the winter. If we ever see a snowflake, we become very excited. Our fall and spring are very nice. We do occasionally have to be on the lookout for tornadoes and hurricanes. During the summer, it gets really HOT! In Second Grade, we enjoy writing, math and science. We do a lot of hands on activities in math and science. We also like to read any time we can!

Caption: Egrets. Feeding time in the marshes at low tide on the Carolina Coast. ( Ernest Furguson)


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