Postcard courtesy of Ysabela

Hello from Virginia!
I am Ysabela and I am a Red Roomer at a small private school, Blacksburg New School. (Blacksburg is the home of the VA Tech Hokies, but I'm not a football fan!) There are 13 students in my class. The Red Room is for ages 4-6. TJ is a great teacher! We have studied rainbows, bees, weather, Martin Luther King, Jr., the human body, and many other things. I live in Narrows, which is 40 minutes from my school. The weather right now is very cold. It was sleeting and snowing today, so I played outside for a few minutes! Animal life here is neat! Sometimes we see deer, possums, raccoons, turkeys and even a red fox or two. I enjoy living in the country.

Caption: Blue Ridge Parkway visitors can see this panoramic view from the saddle at Milepost 168 in Virginia. The Rocky Knob Visitor Center is at Milepost 169. Rocky Knob rises between Mileposts 167 and 174, like a cresting wave to overlook Rock Castle Gorge.


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