Postcard courtesy of Oconto Kindergartners

We are 15 kindergartners from Oconto, WI (Oh-con-toe) 30 mi. NE of Green Bay. Our school is K-4th Grade with 420 students. We have 6 kindergarten classes. Our beautiful school is only 5 years old. Oconto was the site of Copper Culture People about 4,500 years ago and later a Menominee Native American site. Our town of 4,500 produces Cruiser Yachts from 28-54 ft. long. Wisconsin has many rivers and lakes. We have 4 beautiful seasons. It is fall now, time to rake, jump, and have fun in piles of leaves! Wisconsin is called the Dairy State. Many cows produce milk to drink and make into butter, cheese, and ice cream.

Caption: Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers, is the longest tenured stadium in the National Football League. Built in 1957, seating capacity has expanded over the years from 32,150 to its current 72,569. Dedicated as City Stadium on Sept. 29, 1957, the team renamed the facility Lambeau Field following the death of Earl 'Curly' Lambeau, the Packers' founder and first coach. Lambeau Field was rededicated on Sept. 7, 2003, following a 3 year renovation. Lambeau Field easily ranks as one of the most recognized venues in all of sports. Scofield Inc.

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