Vatican City

Postcard courtesy of Dr. Kim Yang and the Students of PostProjectTeam.

We are Howard C. (13), Vivian L. (14), David C. (12), Jo L. (15), Alisa L. (16) and Jenny Z. (16). Today we write about the Vatican and Tony Gentile. Our teacher told us to interview Tony Gentile, who often goes to the Vatican to take photos of the Pope and Vatican City for Reuters. It was really a big surprise. You can find many beautiful pictures taken by Tony Gentile on the Internet. Go to images search, keyword: Tony Gentile Reuters. Maybe you have seen his pictures without knowing it.

Please visit the Vatican City country page to view the interview questions and responses and learn more about Vatican City!

Caption: The Sistine Chapel (La Cappella Sistina) at the Mese Vaticani in Vatican City.


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