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  A 9-year old girl once said that she might forget a lot of what she learns in school through the years but she would always remember the supervised chats with NASA experts because she "got to talk to amazing people".  Those words were part of the inspiration behind Imagiverse.  Getting to talk to amazing people can create life long memories and be defining moments in the lives of young children.  Words from an "expert" may spark a dream, leading to the pursuit of a faraway goal.

Amazing people abound in all walks of life.  It doesn't matter what career path you choose but it does matter that you love what you do and strive to be the best that you can be.

Here, inside the pages of Imagiverse, you will find many truly amazing people.  They work in many different fields and come from diverse backgrounds, from different parts of the world.  The one thing they all have in common is the willingness to share their stories with children around the world.  Read their interviews, chats, biographies and their replies to questions from children around the world.  Come meet the amazing friends of Imagiverse!

Experts are listed here in alphabetical order.  See our Interviews section to find listings based on career field or chronological addition to this site.  Browse through our Biographies section to find the biographies of some of our experts.

Lotte Aarts
Lotte Aarts is a free spirt who travels the world at every opportunity.  She currently works as a home health care nurse and loves people, history, animals and the environment.

Peter Abrahamson
Peter Abrahamson designs robotics and robotic special effects for the television and film industry.  Read how watching movies as a kid and competing at BattleBots paved the way for a really cool career!

Carsten Andersen
Carsten Andersen is an astronomy and physics teacher in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Students from 7 to 18 (and as old as 80!) visit "Stjernekammeret", the school planetarium at Bellahøj Skole.

David Anderson
David Anderson is a retired Social Studies teacher who now supervises teacher interns.  He developed some fun projects including "Hands Across the World" which make Social Studies come alive for students.

Heidi Auman
Heidi Auman is a scientist who has spent 20 years researching human impacts in seabirds, specifically in the areas of toxicology, disturbance, plastic debris ingestion, urbanisation and diet.  Her research is global in nature with a preference for isolated islands, including Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge.  She has demonstrated that our ecological footprint has reached the furthest corners of the Earth, often with disturbing consequences.  Heidi has recently finished her PhD in Zoology.

Sebastien Babolat
Sebastien Babolat believes language learning is important.  To bring the French language to others, he created a French instructional website. (Sebastien est un étudiant français qui a toujours aimé les langues et il pense que la connaissance d'autres langues est très importante.  Pour cette raison, il a construit un site Web afin d'aider les gens à apprendre le français.)

Roger S. Baum
Roger Stanton Baum is the great grandson of L. Frank Baum.  Since 1988 he has been taking readers back to Oz to meet old friends: Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion and Toto, too!

Michael Bastoni
Michael Bastoni is a high school shop teacher and robotics instructor in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  He did not enjoy school very much when he was growing up, but he is passionate about education and making learning REAL for his students.

Bonnie Bracey
Bonnie Bracey is an educator.  She has taught in the classroom in the United States and Germany.  She travels extensively doing educational work and she's always on the move!

John Cabrera
John Cabrera has traveled all over the world thanks to his career in banking and also lived abroad as a child because of his father's career in the film industry.  Read about his exciting life and how he learned to live with a condition known as alopecia.

Kevin Caruso
Kevin Caruso is an electrical engineer and pilot.  He is also a space enthusiast and a NASA Solar System Ambassador from Illinois.

Phil Christensen
Dr. Phil Christensen, Ph.D., is a geologist and planetary scientist who has sent five instruments to Mars.  One instrument was a casualty in the heartbreaking loss of the Mars Observer spacecraft 10 years ago this month.  Two others instruments are currently in orbit around Mars, and two are currently on their way to the Red Planet.  Read about the instruments he has sent to Mars and the excitement of a successful mission and the heartbreak of a lost spacecraft.

Eric Chudler
Dr. Eric Chudler, Ph.D., is a neuroscience researcher at the University of Washington.  In addition to studying the brain and its pain mechanisms, Eric also does many science presentations to local classrooms.

Constance Clowers
Constance learned to sew at the young age of 7 years.  Living out in the country in Germany, she enjoyed spending time with her grandmother who taught her the skills that would later lead to a career as a seamstress (including making period costumes for Knott's Berry Farm).  Today, at the side of her real-life husband, she portrays Julia Dent Grant, the wife of General and former President Ulysses S. Grant.

Larry Clowers
An electrical engineer by profession, Larry discovered a passion for portraying historical figures in Living History presentations.  He became particularly fond of playing General Ulysses S. Grant and now limits himself to recreating President Grant in the most authentic manner possible.  With his real life wife at his side, he not only portrays the general but together they present the former First Couple and a great love story.

Joe Condrill
Joe Condrill went to school in Germany, France, Hawaii, Thailand and Iran.  He used his experience as a "global nomad" to create an organization called OVERSEAS BRATS.

Mildred Connor LaGue
Mildred "Nana" LaGue is the grandmother of Imagiverse co-founder Michelle Mock.  She passed away, at the age of 97, a few months before Imagiverse was launched but was very supportive of the project as it was being developed.  This interview was done several years before she passed and she would undoubtedly be "pleased as punch" to see her words on-line.  Her favorite saying: "Love Ya! ok?"  We love you too, Nana!  Ok?

Janet Cook
Janet Cook is an educator who was inspired to live overseas after a mission to Peru she went on for her church.  She is currently teaching high school in Germany and most recently taught English in Japan.  Her two daughters provided a little input for her latest interview.  Read what they like best about living in different countries and what they don't like.

Donna Culwell
What's a young girl doing in a job like this?  Donna started driving big rig trucks at the age of 18 and has been at it for 28 years now!

Robert Daps
Robert Daps is founder of the popular Disney fan site DAPs Magic.  He loves Disneyland and all things Disney and it shows at his site, a place where young and old can "share their love of Walt Disney and his legacies in a safe and fun atmosphere".

Eileen Davie
Eileen Davie's job is to promote the Midway Islands, in the North Pacific Ocean, as a tourist destination.  She describes her work and the charms of the Midway Islands.

Dean Davis
Dean Davis is a rocket scientist.  Do you have the "right stuff" to become a rocket scientist too?  You might!  Find out what things you can do now to prepare yourself for an exciting and challenging career like Dean's.

John de Guzman
John de Guzman graduated from MIT with a degree in chemical engineering which he turned into a career in management consulting in New York City.  He is also a musician who is launching a musical career and speaks and writes fluent English, Spanish and French!

Luís Felipe Díaz Galeano
Luís Felipe Díaz Galeano is a writer and business consultant in Madrid, Spain.  He has been writing "seriously" since he was 17 years old and is equally prolific in English and Spanish.  He supervises the Spanish content at Imagiverse and writes most of the Spanish articles.

Roy Patrick Disney
Roy Patrick Disney is the son of Roy Edward Disney (Walt Disney's nephew) and grandson of Roy Oliver Disney (Walt Disney's older brother and partner in Walt Disney Productions).  In this interview, Roy Pat gives us a glimpse of what it was like "growing up Disney" and he shares some special memories of his grandfather and great-uncle.

Do Thi Minh Thu
Cindy Do taught 7th and 8th grade math and physics classes in Vietnam before emigrating to the United States.  She currently runs her own business.

Michael Dunev
Michael Dunev is an art dealer and art gallery owner in Girona, Spain.  He developed an appreciation for art as a young child and enjoys it to this day.  Living in many different locations around the world contributed to his appreciation of art from all cultures.

Cynthia Duquette Smith
Cynthia Duquette Smith is the Director of Public Speaking and a professor at Indiana University.  She credits the outgoing aspects of her personality to her penchant for "putting on shows" for family and friends from a very young age and acting in school productions.

Steven Dworetzky
Steven Dworetzky teaches middle school robotics in the Los Angeles Unified School District.  He developed the Mars Exploration Rover Robotics Education Project and uses many fun techniques to spark the imagination of his multicultural, multilingual classroom.

Steve Englehart
Steve Englehart is a writer from California.  He has written several books for young readers and is an icon in the world of comics.  One of his books (Countdown to Flight!) was used by NASA as the literature unit of their "Exploring Aeronautics" curriculum.

Julio Ericastilla
Julio Ericastilla was born in Guatemala but lived in many different countries around the world because of his father's job with the United Nations.  As an adult, he moved to California where he joined the Air Force and continued to travel.  Today, he is retired on his ranch Vera Pax (True Peace) in Guatemala.

Sarah Ewing
Sarah Ewing has always liked being around people and helping others.  Considering the many job possibilities that would fit her lifestyle, she found a "perfect match", as a realtor.

Carol Farron
Carol Farron is Community Health Director for Lodi Memorial Hospital.  She enjoys making sure the hospital is meeting the needs of people who live in her community.

David Flatau
Eighty-two year old David Flatau is a retired teacher who has been composing music from a young age. His ballad "Our Love", which he sent to Prince William and Kate Middleton, has received royal recognition and reached over 2,000 hits on YouTube.

Cynthia Foote
Cynthia Foote is a former dancer who found her passion and a steady income working as a wardrobe attendant for Celine Dion's "A New Day" show in Las Vegas.  Cynthia also is an entrepreneur and runs her own Avon business.

Don Garate
Don Garate is an interpretive historian at Tumacácori National Historical Park outside of Tucson, Arizona.  An expert on Juan Bautista de Anza (of which there are father and son of the same name) he portrays the younger Anza in living history presentations.  He is currently writing the second book in a series of three about the father and son.

John Grant
Dr. John Grant, Ph.D., is a planetary geomorphologist (a geologist who specializes in how various processes combine and interact over time to create a landscape).  Find out what herding cats has to do with Mars exploration.

Vicky Hamilton
Dr. Victoria Hamilton, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor at the Hawai'i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology (HIGP) at the University of Hawai'i.  Learn why this psychology major changed paths in college and went on to a career she "wouldn't trade for anything" as a planetary geologist actively involved in Mars research.

Dana Harper
Dana Harper is an archaeologist.  Her job has taken her all around the United States and to other countries as well.  She became interested in the past as a young child in school and her family vacations through archaeological ruins allowed her to discover this fascinating field.

Chris Harris
As a "military brat", Chris Harris grew up in many different places.  Today he enjoys traveling all over the world, moving to a new location every few years.

Rian Harris
Rian Harris works for the U.S. State Department as a Diplomat.  Find out what she thinks is so great about a job that lets you "have incredible adventures almost every single day".

Belinda He 29 January 2008
Belinda He works as a tour guide in China.

He Guo Quan
He Guo Quan talks about Macau, China.

Chris Herd
Dr. Christopher Herd, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor of Mineralogy at the University of Alberta.  Chris is an expert in meteorites, comparing rocks from space with their more earthly counterparts.  Read about how he got interested in planetary geology at an early age, and how "imagination is the root of the creativity that underlies the very foundation of science."

Roger Herzler
Roger Herzler is a software engineer and amateur astronomer in San Diego, California.  He builds his own telescopes and maintains the astronomy-related website,

Homer Hickam, Jr.
Homer (Sonny) Hickam grew up in a small coal mining town in West Virginia.  In 1957, a small satellite inspired him to become part of the United States space program.  The story about his childhood friends and their interest in rocketry became a major motion picture called October Sky.

Ayanna Howard
Dr. Ayanna Howard, Ph.D., is a robotics engineer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.  At 11 years old, she was inspired by the television program, "The Bionic Woman" to enter the field of robotics.  Read about this "dream come true"!

Terri Jaggers
Terri is a retired teacher who found herself in the "right place at the right time" and now is the Education Director for Quality West Wing Museum, an educational museum which includes a recreation of the Presidential Oval Office.

Dana Johnson
Dana Johnson is a police officer with the Virigina Beach Police Department.  In his spare time he coaches youth soccer and football teams and he loves to ride his Honda Gold Wing motorcycle.

David Johnson
David Johnson is a senior creative director and a writer for a major advertising agency in New York City.  He has done ads for companies like Pepsi and Gillette, with sports stars like Shaquille O'Neal and Warren Sapp.

Dorothy Johnson
Dorothy Johnson is a Communications Officer for the Virginia Beach Police Department.  Do you have what it takes to do her job?

Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson is an estate and business planning attorney.  He grew up in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, a city rich in culture, and says he was both a "country boy" and a "city boy".  Since his teens, he has lived and traveled all over the world, including Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Far East.

Gregory H. Johnson
NASA Astronaut Gregory H. Johnson dreamed of becoming an astronaut from the time he was 7 years old, but to actually be one of those selected in 1998 surprised him!  Find out what steps it took to put himself at the top of his class.

Tim Karr
Dr. Timothy Karr, Ph.D., is a professor of Biology at the University of Chicago.  He also researches "giant killer sperm".  Find out why uninteresting drosophila are so interesting to study!

Larry Kellogg
Larry Kellogg was in the US Navy for 15 years.  He is now a computer expert at NASA's Ames Research Center and has worked on space missions such as Pioneer and Lunar Prospector.

James Kevlin
James Kevlin is a newspaper editor.  Find out how rewarding and busy a career in the newspaper business can be!

Joe King
Joe King is a political cartoonist.  Read about how he developed his artistic talents and the source of his inspirations.

Deidre LaClair
Deidre LaClair is a geology student at Central Michigan University currently doing planetary research.

Joseph LaGue
Joe LaGue is retired from the grocery business.  He performed in movies as a child actor in the 1930s and later acted in community theater whenever time permitted.  He talks candidly about some of the obstacles he has had to overcome in life.

Silvia Larocca (in Spanish)
Silvia Larocca is a meteorologist in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  She fell in love with meteorology in her first class.

Arnaud Le Floch
Arnaud Le Floch works in the aircraft manufacturing business in Toulouse, France.

Jenny Leonard
Jenny Leonard was a volunteer worker who helped Project MARC find villagers in the South Pacific country of Vanuatu who had cataracts or very poor vision.  The project then provides these people with corrective glasses to improve their vision or sunglasses for preventative measures.  Read about her experience to this small island and the humanitarian work that she has done.

Darlene Lim
Dr. Darlene Lim, Ph.D., is a geobiologist who studies lakes and ancient lakes, like the ones that might have existed on the planet Mars in the past.  She is currently conducting research at NASA's Ames Research Center, and in her free time, tries to spread the word about science to kids through various outreach projects.

Jessica Lohman
Jessi Lohman draws upon her experience in social work and law enforcement to help others gain control of their lives and reach for their dreams.  She is also a published author who has two new books soon to be released. In her spare time, she loves to paint.

Carol Love
Carol Love is a National Park Ranger in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and Mabry Hill.  As an interpretive ranger, she tries to "connect the visitor to the resource".  Among her many other occupations -- past and present -- lobbying is one.

Jane Luu
Dr. Jane Luu, Ph.D., is an astronomer who, with her colleague Dave Jewitt, discovered the Kuiper Belt which lies beyond Neptune.  She is also a world traveler with an adventurous spirit.

Dan Maas
Dan Maas is a computer graphics artist, whose credits include creating NASA's Mars Exploration Rovers animation.  He also started his own company while still in his teens.

Chuck Magdalena
Chuck Magdalena is now retired from a full and rewarding career in law enforcement.  When he was a college student, a classmate (who was a police officer) invited him to go on a "ride-along".  One exciting night riding in a patrol car hooked him on policework and he applied for a job the following day.

Lucas Martell
Lucas Martell is a professional animator and visual effects artist who also writes, animates and directs his own animated shorts.  His "Pigeon: Impossible" was uploaded to YouTube four months ago and has been viewed over FOUR MILLION times since then!

Claire Martin
Claire Martin is a meteorologist and weather presenter at a local news station in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Juan Martín Gaddi (in Spanish)
Juan Martín Gaddi is an airline pilot and meteorologist.  He studied meteorology on his way to becoming a pilot.  He enjoys both careers.

Donald M. Mazibuko
Donald M. Mazibuko is a counsellor working at the Embassy of Swaziland located in Taiwan.  Imagiverse's student ambassadors talk about their visit to the embassy.

Dave McCarter
Dave McCarter is the current president of London Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.

Steve Mitchell
Steve Mitchell is a Systems Engineer working as a Contract Technical Manager at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.  He also is a neuromuscular massage therapist and he plays lead and rhythm guitar in a band!  Did you know that a lot of science is involved in making a band sound good?

Jason Morrella
Jason Morrella is a Regional Director for FIRST Robotics.  He teaches a FIRST Robotics class for grades 9 through 12.  Read more about the program called "For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology".

Miguel Muelle
Miguel was born in Peru and grew up hearing other languages.  He always loved art and turned that joy into a career where he now works as a freelance graphics design artist.

Greg Munson
Greg co-founded BattleBots with his cousin Trey Roski.  He built his first robot, LaMachine, in 1995 and was hooked on the sport! In his interview he mentions several other builders and robots by name.  Find out more on Google and YouTube!

Richard Murphy
Richard Murphy is a marine biologist.  He has worked with Jacques and Jean-Michel Cousteau as a diver, scientist and underwater photographer since 1968 and is currently the director of Science and Education at the Ocean Future's Society.  Be sure to check out his incredible underwater photographs!

Jane Nelsen
Dr. Jane Nelsen, Ph.D., is a licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counselor, an author, a speaker, and a workshop leader.  Find out how her experiences a mother of seven children opened up an unexpected career path which has taken her all around the country and to appearances on television with Oprah, Sally Jesse Raphael and others!

Naomi Nguyen
Naomi Nguyen is a professional model/actress who is pursuing a law degree.  Upon completion of her studies, she hopes to establish her own law firm dealing with criminal, entertainment, divorce, international, and malpractice matters.

Karen Nugent
Karen Nugent began her work in graphics arts designing video games.  She most recently worked as a painter on Disney animated feature films.  In her "spare" time she works as an instructor trainer in CPR/First Aid for adults, children, dogs and cats and Emergency Response for disasters.

Bob Olszewski
Robert "Bob" Olszewski is a painter and a sculptor.  He is best known today for his series of 1/220th scale models of the buildings on Disneyland's Main Street U.S.A.  Visit the Olszewski Art Gallery.

Ray Olszewski
Ray Olszewski is a retired Navy "boat yeoman", having served on the USS TUNNY.  After leaving active duty, he held many other careers, currently now the webmaster of  As Ray has said, "I'm not retired!  I just have another career but now, I pick and choose what I do, when I do it, and who I do it with."

David Pacheco
David Pacheco always knew he would work for Disney.  As a young child, he would often fix the illustrations in his Disney books to "make them better".  At the age of 7 or 8 he planned to create a line of Disney figurines.  When he grew up, he did these things, and more, for the Walt Disney Company where he has worked for almost 30 years!

Phil Plait
Dr. Phil Plait, Ph.D., has gained fame as the "Bad Astronomer" who debunks the nonsense that pseudoscientists inflict on the general public.  He gives some very good pointers on how you can too learn to question some of the silly stories that others try to convince you are factual.

Andrea Ploc
Andrea Ploc is a teacher in Vienna, Austria.  Learn what it's like to go to school in Austria!

Frank Poliat
Frank Poliat is a freelance artist who lived and travelled around the world with his parents who were also artists.  He grew up in the arts community and was inspired by the many great works of art he was fortunate to be able to visit in person.

Charline Profiri
Charline is a retired teacher whose children's book Counting Little Geckos is due for release in August 2005.  Read about her path to becoming a published writer.

Lisa Pyke
Lisa Pyke is a Medical Radiological Technologist where she takes "pictures" of what's inside your body to help diagnose ilnesses.  Lisa also is very involved in scouting, being a scouting leader for one of the local scout groups.

Tony Pyke
Tony Pyke is a supply technician in the Canadian Armed Forces, and has travelled all over the world.  When he was stationed in Kosovo, he helped start the first Scout troop in that region.

Raúl Quesada
Raúl Quesada is a chemist in the Canary Islands.  He enjoys all aspects of science and loves spending his free time at the beach or in company of good friends and family.

Bob Raab
Bob Raab is a retired airline pilot and former Marine F-4 Phantom Fighter Pilot.  Read about his exciting life in two adrenaline pumped interviews and be prepared for a surprising twist or two.

John Remar
John Remar met his best friend because they shared the same Learning Disability: Dyslexia.  For the past 20 years, they have shared the same passion: BattleBots.

Leigh, Lisa & Laura Schnaidt
The Schnaidt Sisters independently decided to become dentists.  Learn why they did so and what they thought about dental school.  See how their close family relationship has helped them through their lives and careers.

Homer Sewell
Homer Sewell is a historical impressionist with an uncanny resemblance to the 16th President of the United States.  Besides looking very much like Abraham Lincoln, who he portrays at schools and libraries around the country, there are 35 coincidences between the two "Abes".

Steve Shackelford
Steve Shackelford is an Air Traffic Supervisor with the FAA.  He acquired an extensive knowledge of the Wright Brothers by reading virtually every book he could find about them.  He has portrayed them on the Internet and in person.

Bethany James Leigh Shady 5 May 2010
Bethany Shady is a freelance writer and author of children's books.  While living in Hawaii, she had the opportunity to participate in the ABC television series LOST as an extra.

Dan Sindel
Dan Sindel is a guitarist and entrepreneur who recently developed his own online guitar instruction business.  Through the use of audio-visual and web technology, Dan can teach guitar to anyone in the world, and even play "duets" with himself!

Maynard Smith
Maynard Smith is an artist, sculptor, cartoonist, storyteller, performer, voice-over actor and... he sings too!  He also works at a major theme park which he says is more fun than work.

Andrea Suarez
Andrea Suarez is the builder and Team Leader of the BattleBot known as Witch Doctor.  She has been competing in combat robotics for 15 years and works as a biomedical engineer, creating medical devices and implants.

Nicole Szulc Ginn
Nicole Szulc Ginn is a former journalist and international civil servant who has lived in many different countries and speaks 5-1/2 languages.  She still does some writing for newspapers and, during the upcoming U.S. campaign season, she will be involved in getting Americans abroad registered to vote, so they can vote next November.

Frank Terranova
Dr. Francis Terranova, O.D., is a doctor of developmental optometry.  Did you know that 20/20 does NOT mean perfect vision?  Learn what 20/20 really means and how important good vision is to success in school.

Evelyn Torres-Rangel
Evelyn Torres-Rangel is a high school computer programming instructor and robotics mentor.  Find out more about BotBall by reading her interview.

Commander Page Turner
Commander Page Turner is an author and illustrator of internationally awarded children's books.  He visits preschool and elementary classrooms around the nation to promote literacy, self-esteem and a love of reading in young children.

Mark Vasconcellos
Mark Vasconcellos is an actor and independent filmmaker.  He also enjoys photography.  See some of the pictures he has taken on his travels to other countries.

Kees Veenenbos
Kees Veenenbos is a web content manager in The Netherlands.  His hobby is making artistic renderings of what ancient Mars might have looked like.  Kees' artwork has accompanied scientific articles, and has been presented at various scientific conferences.

Jennifer Wagner
Jennifer Wagner is an educator who thinks teachers need to be having fun in order for the kids to have fun.  She organizes online projects for schools, including (formerly

Doug Walker
Doug Walker is an industrial designer.  He invents or helps design new products.  Most of his designs have been for medical devices but next time you mop the floor or slice a bagel, you might be using one of Doug's inventions!

Bonnie Walters
Bonnie Walters' first love is medicine.  She has spent over 20 years in the medical field as a respiratory therapist.  Her second love is astronomy.  She is an amateur astronomer, a volunteer technical operator for the Telescopes in Education project at Mt. Wilson Observatory, and a Solar System Ambassador for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

David L. Weatherford
Imagiverse received one of those "mail to everyone you know" emails about a dying girl who supposedly wrote a poem called "Slow Dance".  After verifying that the email was a hoax, we contacted the real author of the poem: David L. Weatherford.  Read what inspired him to write poetry in the first place and then visit his site ( to read all of his beautiful writing.

George Winston
George Winston is a man of few words who speaks primarily through his music as a musician and composer.  His compositions are inspired by the seasons and topographies of the different places he has lived in or visited.

Paul Woodmansee
Paul Woodmansee is a "rocket scientist" or more accurately, a propulsion engineer.  Imagine working on something that will carry a spacecraft to someplace like Mars!  Find out what subjects gave Paul trouble when he was a student and what strategies helped him through.

Wendy Wooten
Dr. Wendy Wooten, Ph.D., teaches high school Physics and Robotics.  Her curiosity to understand how things work motivated her to get a Ph.D. in biological chemistry and physiology.  Find out what type of students she remembers through the years and what motivates her to keep teaching ... and learning.

Roje Yap
Roje Yap is an Astronaut Flight Instructor for NASA.  Read all about who he is and how he helps astronauts to have a safe trip into space.

Paulo Younse
When we first interviewed Paulo nine years ago, he had not been working very long at his dream job as a mechanical engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  In this new interview, he talks about many of the many adventures that came about for him as a result of his job (which he still loves).

Rachel Zimmerman Brachman
Rachel always had an interest in engineering and the sciences.  At the age of 12, when she was only in 7th grade, she invented a special device for the disabled.  Today, she works at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory where she shares her passion for the solar system and technology with students and the general public.


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