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“My favorite BattleBot is Tombstone because it defeats other BattleBots and is very cool.  If I could design a BattleBot, it would have a spinner that would spin very fast.”  ~Haiyvin (age 10)

“My favorite BattleBot is Chomp because it has a hammer and can smash other BattleBots.  If I could build any kind of robot, I would build a robot that would help me do things.” ~Jaydin (age 9)

“The thing I like best about BattleBots is when they tear the other BattleBots apart.  Tombstone is my favorite BattleBot because he always wins.” ~Nathaniel (age 7)


Andrea Suarez 2 June 2018
Andrea Suarez is the builder and Team Leader of the BattleBot known as Witch Doctor.  She has been competing in combat robotics for 15 years and works as a biomedical engineer, creating medical devices and implants.

John Remar 15 May 2018
John Remar met his best friend because they shared the same Learning Disability: Dyslexia.  For the past 20 years, they have shared the same passion: BattleBots.

Greg Munson 5 May 2018
Greg co-founded BattleBots with his cousin Trey Roski.  He built his first robot, LaMachine, in 1995 and was hooked on the sport! In his interview he mentions several other builders and robots by name.  Find out more on Google and YouTube!

Peter Abrahamson 9 April 2003
Peter Abrahamson designs robotics and robotic special effects for the television and film industry.  Read how watching movies as a kid and competing at BattleBots paved the way for a really cool career!


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2 June 2018

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