AUGUST 8, 2001
A Perfect Day for a Launch!

By Michelle Mock

With the successful launch of the Imagiverse website behind us, I set about sending out our official "Press Release".  I finally headed off to sleep at 5:45 AM.   Little rest for the weary though.  I was determined to see the launch of the Genesis spacecraft as it headed off to catch a bit of the sun!

Besides the fact that I am a true "space nut" (one of the nuttiest, I am told), watching the Genesis launch held a special interest for me.  My middle school (7th and 8th grade) Spanish students had struggled through writing thoughts to send up on this spacecraft.  They then translated their words to Spanish. What a great way to learn grammar!  For first-year Spanish students, this was indeed a feat. I am extremely proud of the final versions!  One group of girls, of Filipino ancestry, decided that they wanted to write in Tagalog also.  So, with a little parental assistance, they submitted their thoughts in English, Spanish and Tagalog.

These students have now graduated from St. Catherine of Alexandria (Riverside, California) and are going to a variety of different high schools.  I hope they see their messages here and realize that they are a part of history.  When Genesis returns samples of the Sun to Earth, these students will be graduating (or already have graduated) from high school.  I hope they remember this activity.  I know I will!

Here are their thoughts ....


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