A maximum of eight preschool children worked together at one time.  Two children on each end of the board were in charge of dipping strips of newspaper in liquid starch.  Four children in the middle (two on each side) were in charge of placing the strips on the board.  A maximum of four children per board is more effective with the older children.  The students need elbow room to work.

After carefully removing excess starch with their fingers, the 'dippers' passed the strip to the next child who would carefully lay the strip on the board.  All strips were arranged in the same direction, moving from the outer edge to the middle of the board.  After completing the first layer, with all strips going in the same direction covering the entire surface of the board, the boards were placed indoors to dry.  Another day, after the first layer dried, the children placed a second layer of papier mâché, perpendicular to the first layer.  Again they covered the entire surface of the boards from the outer edges towards the center and the boards were placed indoors to dry.



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