Building Mars from Scratch

After the designs have been finalized and "approved", the participants transfer the sketches to 2 ft by 4 ft sheets of plywood.

Once the landscapes are transferred onto the plywood boards the fun begins!  Newspapers are twisted, crumpled and laid over each other, and features begin to take shape as they are secured to the board with masking tape.  Chicken wire is used for studier bluffs and straight drop-offs.

Newspapers are twisted, crumpled and laid over each other.  Chicken wire is used for sturdier bluffs and straight
drop-offs, and then covered again with newspaper.

Close-up of the "Face on Mars".  Plans for a "Hidden
Mickey" were nixed by Mr. Dworetzky.  He said that
there was no evidence that Mickey Mouse had been
found on Mars.

Old newspaper is recycled very creatively for this
project!  Teachers were reminded to conserve masking
tape.  Only a little is needed to secure the designs.
Papier mâché would cover everything and fix it in place.


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