Matching Up the Pieces

The teachers worked tegether to complete a 4 ft by 8 ft landscape.  This is the minimum area that works for the size rover that would be built.  Additional boards can be added to create 6x8 foot, 8x8 foot or larger landscapes.  Depending upon the number of students participating, teachers may choose any number of boards for their project.  The final landscape can be rectangular, square, circular or even odd shapes!  Let imagination be your guide!

Riverbeds and other geological surfaces must line up.  At this point, it is still hard to imagine how the landscape
could possibly turn out looking like Mars.

The surface can't be bland, or there wouldn't be anything
for the rover to explore.  On the other hand, it would not
be a good idea to create very treacherous terrain that
can't be traversed.  Science and engineering constraints
must be considered.

In this picture, an example of lining up features is clearly
shown.  The snakelike landform goes from one board to
the next as one single feature.


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