The Rover has Landed on Mars!

Once the rover has been assembled, it need to be programmed and tested.  Test images were taken, and the rover was navigated over and around various features.  Some features proved to be too treacherous for the rover and had to be avoided.  The completed landscape will have a border around the edges to prevent the rover from driving off the edge of our flat "planet".

In the classroom, students will spend a good deal of time testing their rover and learning how it responds, and what the images represent.  They should come up with some method for measuring distance travelled and learn what kinds of obstacles are potentially "mission-ending" hazards to be avoided.

Testing is a key step in this project.  Knowing the limits of a rover, and anticipating and understanding potential difficulties is very important to the success of the mission.  You can never test long enough!  The end of testing will be determined by the "launch date", when the rover will need to be prepared and packaged, ready to be sent to another school.


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