Postcard courtesy of Mrs. Patterson Wickson's Grade 1

Hello!  We are a grade 1 class from Stirling.  We have 12 boys and 9 girls.  We have 6 computers in our room.  We love to read and do math activities.  Stirling is a little village north of Belleville, on the north side of Lake Ontario.  Some children walk to school but most children ride the bus to school.  Sometimes the buses are cancelled when there is a lot of snow.  We like to read our postcards.  We have a map with strings to show where our postcards come from.

Caption: Stirling is a quaint rural town just north of the 401 highway at Belleville.  Stirling's Rotary Club in 1980 gave the town a unique gift - a covered bridge.  Stirling shares the honor of being 1986 host town for The International Plowing Match.


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