Postcard courtesy of Beardmore Public School

Hello!  Where I live is a small town.  The name of our town is Beardmore and we have the biggest snowman in the world.  There are 11 students in our grade 2/3/4 classroom, 6 boys and 5 girls.  Grade 4 is all girls and Grade 3 is all boys.  There are both girls and boys in Grade 2.  We go to Beardmore Public School.  In our school we have 5 classrooms and 5 teachers.  The students here are in Junior Kindergarten through Grade 8.  There are about 50 students in our school.  The next closest school is an hour away.

Your friend,

Caption: World's Largest Snowman.  Located in the heart of Northwestern Ontario on Highway 11.  "The Northern Route".  Beardmore, Ontario, Canada.


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