Postcard courtesy of Miss Coene's Grade 3's.

Hello!  We live in Toronto, which is a huge city in Canada with a population of 2.5 million people.  Our city is very diverse and in our classroom we have 20 students from lots of different cultures.  The weather here this winter is very cold (-20 degrees C), but in the summer it will get very hot (30 degrees C)!   Toronto is famous for the CN Tower, which is the world's tallest building at 553.33 metres.  Canada is famous for many things like maple syrup, hockey, the maple leaf, and Canadian geese.

Your friends from Canada

Caption: Baseball, football, concerts and box office extravaganzas will attract and estimated 4.9 million in yearly attendance.  © The Postcard Factory.

We hope you have enjoyed this trip to Ontario, Canada.  To continue your voyage around the world, click here.


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