Postcard courtesy of Mrs. King's Class, Cornerstone Christian Academy

Dear Friends,
We are a private school in Anniston, Alabama. We have 35 students in the whole school. We have 10 in our class. Our school has grades K-12. Talladega Speedway is about 20 miles from us. Cheaha Mountain is a beautiful place, and it is about 20 minutes away. We rarely see snow. Today, it's 43 degrees F. Gulf Shores is a popular beach in Alabama. We have the University of Alabama two hours away, and Jacksonville State University is about 20 minutes from us. The cartoon character, Popeye, was created a few miles away in the town of Ohatchee. The most beautiful place in Alabama, in my opinion, would have to be Little Creek Canyon Falls. It's a long drive though! Come see us sometime!

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