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Bring your classroom to life with hands on activities for your students.  The topics on the following pages can be adapted to any age level.

Whales and the Deep Blue Sea
Children love animals of all kinds.  One of their favorite types of animals are the majestic creatures of the sea, the whales.  Come learn more about whales and their world in this under the sea adventure.

Around the World in 30 Days
Take your students on a virtual trip around the world.  Read about people in other countries and share photos and postcards with your students.  Participate in storytelling, letter writing or many other interactive activities.

Rocket to Imagination
Dreams do come true.  No matter who you are or where you live, you can make your dreams reality through effort and persistence.  Spaceflight is fascinating whether it be building rockets or becoming an astronaut.  Read about the many who have made spaceflight reality.

Robotics in the Classroom
Welcome to the world of Imagination and Robotics.  ImagiBotics© is a robotics program developed for children in Pre-K through 8th grades.  Robotics is an effective way to turn children on to science and math.  Included here are various robotics projects, interviews with individuals involved with robotics and much more.  ImagiBotics© is brought to you by Imagiverse.

Imagination Time Machine
Let history come alive in your classroom by making it personal.  Join Imagiverse Team members who travel back in time by visiting the places where things happened long, long before they were even born.

Explore the Universe
Over the last five decades, humans have been able to begin exploring the final frontier, a mysterious universe of the unknown.  Space exploration is allowing us to find the answers to what scientists could once only speculate about.  Be part of the ever changing universe of space exploration.  It is possible for your students to send their names into space, control a tracking antenna, take a picture of a location on Mars, search for extra-terrestrial life or other planets, and many other exciting things... and they can do it today!

Meet the Experts
Bring real experts directly to your classroom through online interviews, chats and Q&A.

Sound and Light
Hearing and vision are two of our five senses.  How do we hear and sea?  Travel into the body to learn how our ears and eyes work.  Learn how people compensate when they have difficulties with sight and sound.  Imagine traveling on a sound wave or light wave.  What a ride that would be!

Mathematicians are People Too
Pythagoras, Galileo, Pascal, Newton...  We've heard the names, usually associated with a mathematical formula or principle that we are forced to memorize.  Much of what we know about mathematics was discovered long, ago.  Who were these people and what was life like?  Discover how mathematics can be much more interesting when we study the people who never gave up trying to prove a point.

From Crayons to CGI
The first time a child makes a scribble on a piece of paper, adults rejoice in the child's artistic talent.  We are all born with this talent but sometimes we forget to use it and it goes away.  Others continue to practice and in time become known as "artists".  Visit with some of the artists interviewed here.  Learn also about overcoming obstacles to pursue this talent.

Can't find the information you are looking for?  We have gathered some of the most resourceful links here.  You are bound to find your answer in here somewhere!


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29 May 2015

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