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Among the millions of careers in the world, which is the right one for you?  In our Interviews section, we present you with a glimpse of people living life and enjoying what they do.  Learn how they got to where they are, and listen to their advice for a successful future.

Browse through our categorical listings of interviews (below), or view interviewees sorted alphabetically or by date.  We also have archives of live chats with some of our interviewees.

New Interviews

John Remar 15 May 2018
John Remar met his best friend because they shared the same Learning Disability: Dyslexia.  For the past 20 years, they have shared the same passion: BattleBots.

Greg Munson 5 May 2018
Greg co-founded BattleBots with his cousin Trey Roski.  He built his first robot, LaMachine, in 1995 and was hooked on the sport! In his interview he mentions several other builders and robots by name.  Find out more on Google and YouTube!

Aerospace & Aviation
Do you dream about becoming a pilot, or maybe an astronaut?  Here you can meet an astronaut, pilots, "rocket scientists", an astronaut trainer and an Air Traffic Controller.

Arts & Entertainment
There are many fun jobs in the Arts.  Maybe you like to draw or act?  Do you enjoy music and dance?  Meet a movie actor and director, a dancer, musicians and visit a few "art galleries" too.

Many careers you come across often.  Visit with bankers, business men and women and even a female truck driver!

Engineering & Technology
If you wonder how things work ask an engineer.  Enter the world of engineers including robotocists and software engineers (a.k.a. computer programmers).

Government, Law & Public Service
Here are some jobs that relate to public service.  These are people that do jobs that serve the greater community.

Living History
Nothing makes history come alive than meeting a real, live person straight from the pages of your history book.  Living Historians make history come to life through their portrayals of great people from the past.

Where would we be without healthcare workers.  Do you have the right stuff to work in the field of medicine?  Our experts can help you find out.

Writing & Journalism
Learning how to write well could lead to a future career as an author or a journalist.  Some of our writers followed totally different career paths but they KNEW they had to write, so they eventually followed that dream as well.  Journalists might stay in the same region throughout their career.  Maybe they will travel all over the world as part of the job.  Writing well gave all these experts a rewarding career.

Science is all around you.  If you wonder why things are the way they are, perhaps one of our scientists can answer your questions.  Meet some very interesting people in different fields of science: archaeology, astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, marine biology, meteorology, neuroscience and physics.

World Community
Some people have the opportunity to travel and live all over their world because of their careers.  Learn what type of jobs gave these experts the chance to travel.

Peer Mentors
Some of the experts we interview at Imagiverse are young people, not much older than many of you who read the Imagiverse interviews wondering what career path you will someday take.  Some of these experts have recently graduated with a university degree and some are still in school.  Find out what life is like beyond high school, from people who just recently got there!

Stepping Back in Time
History is full of amazing people and incredible accomplishments.  Some of these people are remembered in history books.  Others lived their lives as best as they could and although they never became "famous", they touched the lives of the people they came in contact with and made a difference of their own.  Imagine a world before Internet, computers, airplanes, automobiles, electric light bulb, telephones, hot running water in bathrooms, flush toilets...

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16 May 2018

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