Creating a MOLA Globe

The 3rd and 4th grade students studied a real MOLA globe and discussed the major features and elevations on Mars.  They created a smooth globe which they then painted to look like the real MOLA globe.  By going through the process, they really began to understand the sizes of some of the major features like the Olympus Mons volcano, the Valles Marineris canyon system and the Hellas Basin impact crater.


"Mrs. Mock we have some technical difficulties!"  Students had placed their MOLA Globe in the sunlight to dry.  Being that it was a warm day, the air inside the inner beach ball expanded, and the beach ball struggled to get loose.  The result was that their globe burst.  An unexpected learning opportunity developed though.  The students had a clear reminder that hot air expands and they had the chance to explain this to the preschoolers who were really interested in the "experiment".  Undaunted, the students used masking tape to repair the damage and repainted that area of the globe.  The final globe still looked pretty neat!


Highlands and Lowlands   Imagiverse Reconnaissance Orbiter
Imagiverse Reconnaissance Orbiter
  Sculpting an Imaginary Planet

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