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Thank you for visiting Imagiverse!  We hope that our site fires up your imagination and gets you wondering about everything!

If you are a kid who is visiting Imagiverse for the first time, we hope you are doing so with a parent, teacher or other grownup.  If not, please go get them NOW and we want them to read this page with you!

The Imagiverse Team believes that no young children should be surfing the Internet (even educational sites) without parent or adult supervision.  If you are not old enough to be dropped off at a shopping mall, movie theatre or amusement park by yourself, you should not be on the Internet alone.

The Internet is a wonderful place, just like New York City or London or Tokyo or any number of places on our beautiful planet.  Unfortunately, just like those wonderful cities, there are many dangers out on the Internet too.  Be careful and be safe.  Don't trust a stranger on the Internet any more than you would a stranger on the street.

Imagiverse's website contains many contributions from people all around the world, all of whom have cultural differences and their own personal thoughts.  We do our best to make sure what we post is kid-friendly and appropriate.  The opinions of the contributors, however, are their own, and do not necessarily represent that of the Imagiverse team itself, but we do not post anything that we wouldn't be proud of sharing.

We hope you like our site and come back often!

The Imagiverse Team


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Last Updated:
12 December 2014

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